L'urv Sportswear

L’urv is a functional and fashionable women’s designer gym wear brand that caters for the unique and active individual. L’urv achieve this through an inspiration for patterns and colour which is seen throughout their range of vibrant, creative limited editions with generous applications of classic and contemporary colours.

Stylish and comfortable, Lurv activewear extends beyond the studio, gym or field to your everyday wardrobe. Featuring unique detailing and modern styling, Lurv activewear ensures you feel and look stylishly fit. You will stand out in L’urv. 

L’urv was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2012 and is supported parent company Factory X which is responsible for some of Australia’s leading boutique Australian fashion brands like Alannah Hill and Gorman. Their extensive experience in the fashion industry and exceptional focus to detail has ensured that L’urv is known for producing apparel of exceptional quality with fashionable prints.

Lurv stand out in a crowded market though their contribution to activewear design and regular release of limited edition ranges. Their journey started with the release of the activewear collection L’urv Fighting Spirit in 2013. This was this launch of their range of functional designer gym wear for women with a focus on empowering women to make a statement in the gym or during their favourite activity.

This range was followed up by the feminine, colourful Aquarius collection in 2014. Lurv’s range in Aquarius 2014 set a colourful precedent for future collections through the use of bold patterns and designs which are loved by many active women across the globe.

L’urv Sportswear are now leaping into the designer workout wardrobe stratosphere with their energetic range in Mod Squad 2016. This range features retro influences and hues of plum, navy and green combined with timeless monochrome pieces.  Given this much choice you are sure to look and feel active.

You’re going to love L’urv.

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L'urv and the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016

Did you know that L'urv Sportswear's latest season of activewear was a key feature in the recent 2016 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week? Featuring gorgeous pastels and 60's inspired prints, these items are the must have looks for this season! 

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