5 ways to avoid over-eating

Food is abundant in today’s society, so it is no surprise why many of us find it hard to stop eating when we are full or know we should! Experts say that you should stop eating when you are comfortable.

Here are 5 tips you can try today to help you avoid overeating:

-Eat Slowly. It takes 12-20 minutes for our stomach to tell our brain that it is full. When you eat slowly, you are ensuring these important messages have time to reach the brain.

-Enjoy your food. Eating when distracted tends to lead to overeating. Avoid having any food at your desk or when driving. Your brain will be processing other thoughts and you may not notice when you are full.

-Savour the first few bites to make sure your taste buds are satisfied. Enjoying all the favours of your meal may help stop you from over indulging.

-Pick a smaller plate. A smaller plate =smaller volume of food. Filling up a smaller plate is better than filling up a larger one. It’s a great way to start portion controlling.

-Choose satisfying foods. Stay away from diary and chocolate which are high in calories but low in fullness. Instead, opt for more filling meals that are high in protein and fibre- they will keep you fuller for longer. 

Wendy Allen is the RubyFit blogger. She has a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise from the University of Technology and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney

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