6 Ways to Boost your Metabolism this Christmas

6 Ways to Boost your Metabolism this Christmas Season     

Summer is approaching and Christmas is drawing closer each day! With all the food and fun this festive season, it will be hard to stick to a good diet and exercise plan. But don’t fear! With these simple tricks, you can keep your metabolism working overtime and maximise the amount of calories you burn, day and night.

  1. Firstly don’t skip breakfast! We all know it is the most important meal of the day and you shouldn’t take it for granted. It gives you energy to start the day, boosts your metabolism and helps to keep you feeling full. Without breakfast, you can easily succumb to the unhealth mid-morning snack and coffee break because you will be starving and wanting any form of food. If you aren’t used to eating breakfast, then start with a light meal and work yourself up to something more substaintial.
  2. During the day, move as much as possible. Take the dog for a walk, play with the kids outside or organise an activity-based catch up with your friends. If you have an office/desk job, try to get up and walk around at least once every hour. Go say hello to a colleague, take a toilet break or sneak out to the local café. Everything counts!
  3. For a quick, effective workout, consider high-intensity interval training. Warm up, sprint, rest and repeat! Interval training can be applied to many types of activities- swimming, running, cycling. This type of training is great if you don’t have much time but want to make the most out of your exercise. It can even boost your metabolism for up to 30mins after your workout.
  4. Protein power! When you eat protein, you stay fuller for longer. Feeling fuller for longer means you won’t be tempted with simple snacks and treats which can all add up. So make sure you are getting a good dose of protein in each meal.
  5. Weight training is a must. Building muscle is the only long-term way of increasing your metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the more over-all calories you burn on a daily basis! So, before your next class session at the gym arrive a bit early and have a go at the weight machines. Most are self-explanatory and you should start at a weight which is comfortable for you, but still provides resistance.
  6. Sleep it off. Nothing feels better than waking up after a good night’s sleep, so don’t skimp on it. A regular sleeping pattern helps to keep your metabolism and hormones working at their best. It’s also great for your skin and mood. Try and get the whole family involved so see the difference it can make to everyone.


Wendy Allen is the RubyFit blogger. She has a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise from the University of Technology and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney


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