Dress Well and Boost your confidence!

The gym scene can be a very competitive playground where women (and men) are definitely dressing to impress! Boost your confidence and keep yourself looking good by knowing what is best for your body and your workout with our logical tips.

Start by preparing for your chosen activity and choose the most suitable outfit for your workout. For example, if you are participating in a yoga or pilates class, you may be performing some unusual routines or even find yourself upside-down. The last thing you need is for your top to expose your mid-section without your approval ! So for tricky situations like this, chose a tight-fitting top that hug your body and help pull you in. A lot of activewear tops are designed with sports-compression technology and are perfect for this! Alternatively, if you are running or dancing up a storm and want some airflow, consider wearing a more flowy top to keep you cool and avoid over-sweating. Why not visit our Activewear Tops page to find a suitable top for you.  

Secondly, find some designs that will flatter your body shape. Long vertical lines down the sides of your tights will help to elongate your legs. For those who aren’t as tall, consider a ¾ length tight to add further height. Colourful, printed fabric can be used to distract the eye and draw attention to areas you are more comfortable with (such as a colourful top). If you are shy about your arms, opt for a long-sleeve or short-sleeve item instead of a tank top.

Lastly, pick an outfit with your favourite colours and those that suit you, not necessarily what is in fashion at the moment. If you don’t like it, you won’t enjoy wearing it and people will notice. Stay confident by wearing colours that you love to wear.  

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