Five exercises you can do anywhere

If you are having some trouble making it to the gym or to your outdoor group training session, not all is lost! You can maintain your fitness and muscle tone with these 5 great exercises you can complete anywhere- home, travel or even at the office!


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hands extended in front of you. Bend your knees and hips and gestor sitting down onto a chair. Stop when your knees and hips are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees do not extend past your ankles. Hold, lift your body back to starting position.

Single Leg Deadlift

Stand with your feet hip width apart and arms to your side. Hinge at your hips, bend over to face the ground, while simultaneously extending your right arm in front of you, and your left leg out behind you. Your body should be parallel to the ground, bent only at the hips with one leg on the ground. Hold and slowly tense to bring your body back upright into the starting position. Repeat with opposite leg/arm.

Push Up

Lie on the floor face down and place hands next to your chest approximately shoulder width apart. Start with your chest and toes on the ground and push up until your arms are almost fully extended (but not locked). Slowly lower your chest back to the ground without touching it.  

Sit Up

Lie on your back with your knees bent and hands placed gently behind your neck. Use your abdominals to tense and lift your upper body up towards a V position. Hold then slowly lower your body back to the ground.

Russian Twists  

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Sit up into a ā€œVā€ position and extend both arms directly in front of you, perpendicular to your torso, hands clasped. Twist your torso to one side so your arms are parallel to the ground. Hold and twist to the opposite side. 

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