How to Stay Motivated with Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes it can be really hard to stay motivated with your fitness goals. Especially if you don’t notice any gains or find it boring. If this is you, RubyFit recommends 3 things that may help:

1) Goal setting. Write down what you want to achieve any by when. Then track your progress. Write down how many kms you ran this week or how many times you went to the gym. Whatever your goal, writing it down and trying to adhere to it, keeps you honest and working towards something.

2) Try a group fitness class. Exercising with people can be very motivating and supportive. With the recent growth of group and outdoor fitness, there is bound to be a class near you. Why not look into some yoga classes, crossfit, boxing, martial arts or outdoor training programs.

3) Do something different. Don’t be embarrassed to try something new just because of your age or ability. True fitness is all about having a go and just enjoying yourself. 

Here at RubyFit we would love to hear about your fitness journey! Tag us in at @rubyfitactive and keep us up to date with how you are going! 

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