Tips for eating healthy when away from home

It can be hard to stick to a nutritious, balanced, fresh diet at the best of times. When you are away from home, this can be almost impossible! Many take-away options are highly processed, full of saturated fat and high in energy.

Here we go through some food tips to help you make the best decisions during certain occasions.


  • When you are travelling consider pre-packing some healthy food snacks with you (fruit, nuts) and always carry water
  • If you are at a bakery or café, ask for a salad, wholegrain roll or wrap
  • Avoid pies and pastries

Take-away food

  • Choose bread-based options
  • Avoid pastries and deep fried food
  • Try to share your meal to reduce your portion size
  • Avoid sauces that are high in fat such as cheese and mayonnaise
  • Drink Water not soft-drinks

With Friends

  • If you are out with friends, offer to bring a fruit or salad plate
  • Fill at least half of your plate with salad
  • Serve yourself to control your portion size
  • Plan for gatherings outside that’ll help take the focus off food and you can potentially enjoy some light activity/exercise with your friends

At Restaurants

  • Consider an entrée sized meal
  • Avoid the chips and choose the salad instead
  • Order the sauce separately so you can control how much you eat
  • Avoid deep-fried meat and consider the pan-fried options
  • Choose lean-meat meals
  • Consider sharing with a friend
  • Finish with fruit or share a dessert
  • Eat slowly and monitor how full you feel

Whatever situation you are in, always avoid having soft-drinks with your meals. Drink water instead and limit alcohol.

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Wendy Allen is the RubyFit blogger. She has a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise from the University of Technology and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney

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