Why Starving Yourself Makes Your Fatter

If you are looking to lose some excess weight then the last thing you must do is to starve yourself! It may result in some very short-term weight loss results but is a terrible long-term solution that may make long term weight-loss even harder than it should be. Severing restricting your diet actually slows down your metabolism, because your body adjusts to the limited food that you provide, thinking that you are in “survival mode”. Initially you may notice some weight loss, but after time this will plateau because your body will adapt.

When you eventually give up on your low calorie diet and start eating normal meals again (ie without such restriction), you will start overloading your system. Your newly slowed metabolism will not be able to cope with the increase in food intake. The excess energy is stored as fat. You’ll soon find yourself putting on a lot more weight than when you first started this extreme diet without understanding why.

In addition, when you are on a severe calorie restricted diet, your body may look for alternate energy sources. It may start eating away at your excess fat stores (which is great), but it could also start eating away at your muscles (which is very bad). If your body starts to break down your muscles in search for extra protein or energy, this could further contribute to your plateauing weight loss.

Muscle mass is important for strength, flexibility and overall mobility in all your joints. Muscles are also very hungry cells and building muscles is a great way to increase your overall resting metabolism! Developing muscles is generally hard work, so you want to preserve them as much as possible.

If your body starts to break down muscle due to a severe calorie restriction, then this will reduce your metabolism even FURTHER!

When you stop the fad diet, your metabolism has slowed down to adapt AND your resting metabolism will be lower than when you first started.

This is very bad. You don’t want to do it. To get your metabolism back to where it was previously, you’ll have to start an intensive resistance training program and reset your eating slowly. This process in itself will take some time.

Weight loss should actually be a lot slower than you think if you want it to stick long term. NEVER follow diets that disrupt your metabolism. 

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