What is Six30 about?

Six30 is about sport, lifestyle, experience, performance and passion. Six30 is designed for performance athletes and enthusiasts regardless of skill or commitment levels. Six30 believe in producing high performance compression wear that is affordable.

What is Six30?

The ‘Six’ in the name Six30 is reference to six primary benefits of compression wear clothing:

  • Acceleration of blood flow
  • Performance boosting
  • Helps reduce muscle damage
  • Improvement in muscle efficiency
  • Helps you work harder for longer and
  • Helps in recovering faster.

The ‘3’ is the three main uses for compression clothing – work, rest and play and finally the ‘0’ is that there are no negatives!

Why Six30?

Six30, pronounced six three zero is an Australian business founded in Victoria by Ally Shaw that produces high quality compression wear at an irresistible price point. Six30 is focussed intensely on producing high quality, functional and fashionable compression wear.

Six30 has a skilled advisory team to assist in creating high-performance, affordable functional compression wear. Six30 have a strong belief that Australian’s are currently paying too much for comparable compression wear from leading compression wear brands.

Shop Six30 for high quality, affordable fashionable compression clothing and activewear!

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