Women's Gym Shorts

Shop our great range of Women’s Gym Shorts from a Selection of 10+ Australian Brands including many boutique labels. With these on-trend, high performance shorts, hit the gym with style and confidence. Achieve your fitness goals today! 

Our collection of women’s gym shorts are quality, fashionable and functional pieces that are sure to get you through your next workout. Made from premium quality sports performance fabrics which are moisture-wicking breathable and durable, you’ll be able to confidently shine through your next exercise routine.

Most of our sports shorts also feature internal underwear for added comfort and drawstrings which allows exact adjustment to your body shape. Our shorts also come in a variety of sizes to suit your activity.

Our workout shorts are lightweight yet flexible, allowing full range of motion and freedom without restricting any leg movements. Their breathable fabrics mean you will be kept cool during your workout, even in the peak of summer.

Our collection has a range of lengths to suit any bodyshape and any type of exercise. Shorter styles are great when you are exercising outdoors or in the warmer months. They are also more flattering for women who are shorter and want to appear to have longer legs.

Mid-thigh length and longer shorts are great if you want more protection (e.g. from the sun, if you are outside), or for women who want increased coverage.

Whichever length you pick, all our shorts are great for a range of exercises from a gym based routine to an outdoor cross-fit class. Match them up with a great gym top this season for the ultimate active look. RubyFit supports all Australian designers so you can feel good about your purchase knowing you are helping your country!

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