All Brands Sizing Guide

We stock a variety of Australian Labels and designs which have their own size specifications, which we can understand can be confusing if you want to get the perfect match!

To simplify your selection, we have converted all sizes to their equivalent AU size.

Where; Small= AU8, Medium= AU10, Large= AU12.


If you are familiar with particular brands such as Vie Active or  Abi and Joseph- then please choose carefully! The stated sizes will be their AU equivalent size, not the garment's stated size. We do not offer refunds or exchanges if you have selected the wrong size from this basis. 


For further details, please use the following links which outlines the sizing guide for some of our suppliers:


Abi and Joseph Size Guide

All Fenix Size Guide

Dharma Bums Size Guide

L'urv Size Guide

Vie Active Size Guide

Xahara Active Size Guide


Please note the size guides are only an indication. If you have any questions with regards to the fit of a particular garment, please feel free to email us on