Black Leggings

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Black Leggings. What else is there to say? Everyone has to have at least one pair of black leggings in their wardrobe. They are universally accepted and so versatile! You can literally wear them everywhere, from the supermarket to the street party. Pair them up with an oversized top from Dharma Bums or Abi and Joseph for the ultimate athleisure look this season.

These black leggings would look stunning against some of our vibrant sports bras, so be sure to visit this page before you finishing your purchase. 

Depending on what workout you have planned, you might opt for a full length legging or a capri. If you are doing activities somewhere warm, choose the shorter length tights as these will keep you cooler. When the weather is cool or during extended low-intensity exercise, steer towards a full length legging that will keep you warm and comfortable.

These active leggings also come in mesh panelling which is great if you are doing a bit of everything and want to stay in your tights the entire day. The mesh panels are a great way to increase air flow to your skin which helps sweat evaporate and keep you cool. However when resting, they will also be able to offer some protection to your skin from the wind and the sun.

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