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As the weather warms up, you want to look and feel good in your new gear right? We show you how.

Check out this chicken salad recipe that we love because it’s super healthy but still fills us up on a cool day!

This healthy pumpkin soup recipe will satisfy your soup cravings without weighing heavy on your mind.

If you are thinking of shedding some excess weight, make sure you never starve yourself or follow any fad diets! Read on to discover why.

Learn why resistance training should be an essential component of every woman's fitness schedule, to ensure long term bone health, mobility and strength.

It can be really hard to stay motivated with your fitness goals. Learn 3 tips to keep you on track this season.

Learn the most important running stretches that will help prevent injury and reduce overall recovery.

The squat is a great whole-body workout that primarily trains the muscles of legs: the gluts, hamstrings, quads and calves. Learn how to do it properly.

Food is abundant in today’s society, so it is no surprise why many of us find it hard to stop eating when we are full or know we should! Discover 5 tips you can try today to avoid eating too much.

The gym scene can be a very competitive playground where everyone is dressing to impress! Boost your confidence and keep yourself looking good by knowing what is best for your body.

If you are having some trouble making it to the gym or to your outdoor group training session, not all is lost! Discover 5 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime!

Stress is unfortunately a common process in today’s society. Read on about how it can affect your metabolism and a simple way to prevent it.

It can be hard to stick to a nutritious, balanced, fresh diet at the best of times. When you are away from home, this can be almost impossible! Read on to discover some simple tips you can use to help you stay on the right track, no matter where you are.

Yoga is all the rage at the moment and rightly so! If you are looking for a new activity to try in this new year, then read on to discover some of the many health benefits of this practice.

Training with dumbbells is a fun and easy way to tone up this summer! Its benefits however, are much more than skin deep. Read on to discover some essential exercises to add to your training routine this season.

Are you thinking of hitting the beach this summer and planning on developing some washboard abs? Or are you wanting to improve your everyday movement and mobility? Working out your core is so much more than just developing a 'six-pack'.

Before you jump onto the latest superfood craze, look into your pantry to find some of nature’s secret superfoods .With summer approaching, try and incorporate some of these great foods to keep you feeling your best.

Walking is a great low-intensity exercise that encourages people to get outdoors and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. However, like many other exercise routines, committing to a long-term walking plan can be quite challenging.

When buying sunscreen, make sure you find a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks against both UVA and UVB rays. A sweat and water resistance based formula is great if you are going to be at the beach, or are exercising outdoors. You should make sure...

Summer is approaching and Christmas is drawing closer each day! With all the food and fun this festive season, it will be hard to stick to a good diet and exercise plan.

Becoming pregnant is a life-changing event for every woman and it is often a time when many new lifestyle changes are implemented. New guidelines have suggested.., regular exercise has many benefits on both the mother and foetus.

Feeling like something light and healthy for lunch? We have a great, full-flavoured vegetarian recipe that will be a hit amongst the family: Zucchini Bruschetta. Difficulty: Easy Serves: Two Preparation Time: 5 Minutes Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Body Shape is a female-only fitness centre that caters for all kinds of women’s fitness. It is the perfect centre for women to exercise in a clean, comfortable, friendly and supportive environment.

On Sunday the 2nd of October it was glorious spring day in Sydney and a great day to be out and about! RubyFit was in the heart of Kirribilli featuring in the 40th Anniversary Kirribilli Fashion Markets. It was a beautiful day in Sydney, not a cloud...